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Financial Optimism

Hi! Welcome to Saving Sense!

I created this blog as a class assignment to take a look at ways for college students to save money. As college students, we’re already in this financial limbo since our parents are less accessible and we don’t have the time to hold a sustainable career. The fact that our country is in economic turmoil right now doesn’t exactly help our situation either.

So, as a JMU student with a tight wallet, I’m going to take it upon myself to offer saving tips and scope out the array of cheap dining, clothing, entertainment, and other miscellaneous sources of saving through out the Harrisonburg area. I know that the fate of our bank accounts are looking dismal right now, but I want to convey through this blog that there is hope in crawling out of the financial holes many of us have found ourselves in.

Thanks for checking this out and feel free to leave as much feedback or ideas as you want!



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