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Craig Saves Best

Whoever said nothing in life is free really needs to check out craigslist.

Last week at a hair cuttery, a woman told me about her daughter who moved to California and furnished her entire apartment with free furniture she found on craigslist. As a loyal Ebay user, I’ve been reluctant to give craigslist a shot, but this evoked my curiosity enough to at least visit the site.

I got on the site, found the Virginia link, clicked on Harrisonburg, and sure enough my attention was immediately drawn to the free link. At first, I was pretty disappointed by the selection. The only things people seemed to be giving away were cats and large appliances. Unfortunately for me, my apartment complex does not allow cats and already came equipped with the appliances I need. However, I checked for more free stuff today and someone was trying to unload a year’s worth of the magazine The Economist, so I sent an e-mail and am now crossing my fingers that I’m the only person in Harrisonburg who saw the ad and who would want a year’s worth of the Economist. I think the lesson here is be persistent; there are diamonds in the rough.

I also had success when I clicked on the Northern Virginia link. I figured I’d check out this location since a lot of Virginia college students (including myself) come from the area. There were more listings here for one day than Harrisonburg had in an entire month. People were giving away quality things too- couches, desks, big screen TVs, clothes, and all sorts of other useful items. If your heading back to Northern Virginia for Thanksgiving break, this could be a good opportunity to scrap up some free things from your community.

For those of you with the mindset “if it’s free, there’s something wrong with it”, craigslist provides an ample amount of “for sale” categories. There’s listings from electronics, cars, clothes, furniture, and tickets to more obscure things like musical instruments and motorcycles. I did some browsing today and saw a mint condition laptop for only $75 and a new loveseat for $10.

If you haven’t jumped on the craigslist bandwagon yet, I’d go ahead and do it because the saving possibilities on this site are endless. Besides giving you an opportunity to accumulate more things, craigslist also provides listings for jobs, housing, and events in the community.

Let me know what you guys stumble across. In the mean time, I’m going to continue stalking my e-mail until I find out if I got those free Economist magazines or not.



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