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Your Closet Has Value

Two things you should know about me are that I have a passionate hate for clothes shopping and that I love getting paid for doing absolutely nothing (but then again who doesn’t).

However, with the opening of Plato’s Closet, the latter stepped up to challenge the former. Plato’s Closet, which opened last Thursday in the Spotswood Valley Square Shopping Center, buys and sells name brand clothing at 70 percent off the original retail cost. Plato’s Closet buys your inconspicuously used clothes or accessories that they consider the “latest” trend or “hottest” brand then sells them to their targeted customers- teens and the twenties crowd.

This weekend my curiosity (and the fact that I still wear clothes I had from high school) got the better of me and I went to see what Plato’s Closet was all about. Unfortunately, I donated most of my old clothes to Good Will a couple months ago so I had a limited selection of what I was attempting to sell. I brought in a bag of jeans and shirts and handed it over to an employee who was very meticulous in picking which items the store chose to reuse. She tossed aside any shirt with the slightest sign of being washed and jeans that had fray at the bottom (even though I was always under the impression that the rugged look was “in”). In the end, I was paid $5 for a Hollister polo and Urban Outfitters shirt. This amount fell short of my desire but I figured beggars can’t be choosers.

Five dollars richer, I ventured through the store in hopes of finding a good deal, making note of the impressive selection of jeans and tank tops. I ended up buying a pair of American Eagle jeans for $12 that were originally $39.99 and an American Eagle shirt for $6 opposed to it’s original $20. I realized that my detest for shopping didn’t necessarily stem from a weak fashion sense but more from an inability to find good deals on good clothes. Inspired by the amount of money I saved, an enthusiasm for shopping was born. I could have really gone to town in there but I had to remind myself that despite these great deals, I was still on a tight budget.

A couple other things I made note of- Plato’s Closet was overwhelmingly comprised of female attire but fellows don’t be discouraged, there was a corner in the back of the store dedicated to you. Like I said before, the extensive amount of jeans and tank tops were the store’s strong point. An avid fan of hoodies and zip-up jackets, I was a little disappointed by their selection in this area but the fact that the store had a good deal of shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves, and belts compensated for this. If your trying to sell back clothes, go at an odd hour during the week like first thing in the morning, or you’ll have to face a longer wait behind other enthusiastic sellers.

Plato’s Closet is located at 1790 East Market Street off in Spotswood Valley Square of Rt. 33 adjacent to T.J. Maxx and Fashion Bug. It’s open seven days a week, 10 am-8 pm Monday through Saturday, and 1 pm-6 pm on Sunday. You can contact the store at 540-432-8648 or at info@platosclosetharrisonburg.com. If your coming from 81- Take Exit 247A and follow Rt. 33 East for about 1 mile. Spotswood Valley Square will be on your left across the street from Valley Mall.

So next time you need to fulfill a clothing void, bypass the mall and check out Plato’s Closet first.



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