The Green Valley Book Fair: Read for Less

Get excited penny-pinching bookworms of the Harrisonburg/Staunton area…The Green Valley Book Fair has opened for the final time this year.

The Green Valley Book Fair is a discount book outlet store with over 500,000 new books at bargain prices 60 picture-244percent to 90 percent off the retail cost.  The book fair provides a multitude of categories including (but not limited to) fiction, history, health and self-help, children’s books, religion, science, sports, cooking, gardening, crafts, art, reference, and nature and outdoors. The vast range of books is also supplemented by a solid poster selection.

I couldn’t resist passing up this opportunity so I made the quick drive to get the first-hand Green Valley Book Fair experience.  What was supposed to be an in-and-out trip turned into an hour of awe.  My viewpoint might be slightly bias since I’m a complete nerd when it comes to books, but this place was utopia!

For some reason I had this preconceived notion that the book fair would be outdoors and that I’d have to rummage through sporadic boxes of books but I was relieved to find that it was inside a large well-organized warehouse.  The books were spread among two floors, divided into categories, and alphabetized by author.  The neat arrangement didn’t test my patience once and I had an easier time navigating through the book fair than I ever have a library.

While the setup definitely impressed me, this quickly became overshadowed by the stellar prices.  I don’t think I saw one book over five dollars.  There were classic novels by Jack London and Mark Twain for $2.50 (including my favorite Huck Finn!) and I wound up buying Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson for $3.50 (originally $15).  This book is a national bestseller and is about how surfing the web, tv, movies, and video games in fact makes you smarter, so I’m pretty excited.

The Green Valley Book Fair is open from now until December 18 so make sure you catch it before it’s gone.  Up until December 14th the book fair is open 9am to 7pm daily and from December 15-18 it’s open 8am to 4:30pm daily. 

Directions: From I-81 take exit 240.  Turn left onto VA-257 E.  Stay straight to go onto Friedens Church Rd for 1.2 mi.  Turn left onto S Whitesel Church Rd. Turn right onto Green Valley Ln. 



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5 responses to “The Green Valley Book Fair: Read for Less

  1. Anonymous

    Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

    –Mark Twain

  2. Monica


    ps–> take a glance at your first sentence in the third paragraph

  3. Shannon

    I’m so glad to learn that the book fair is organized and indoors. For some reason I was picturing a flea market and that was scaring me out of going. Now that I know this I will definitely be making a trip out there because book prices are getting a bit rediculous these days.

  4. matt grundy

    shucks i wish i could have stopped by before i left jmu, come to vcu so i can find out about sweet deals around richmond

  5. Anonymous

    C’mon. When are you going to update your blog?.I miss it!!

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