$1 Movie Rentals

Cancel your Blockbuster membership because there is a more convenient and cheap method of renting movies in the form of a red electronic box.


The redbox is a self-service DVD vender that allows you to rent the newest releases for only a dollar.  My favorite aspect of the redbox is that they can be found in most grocery stores (I love the efficiency of being able to get food and movies in one trip) along with Wal-Mart and McDonald’s (as if Big Macs aren’t tempting enough).  The process is simple: use the touch screen to select whether you’d like to rent or return a movie, pick your movie (sorted by release date), swipe your credit card (the redbox doesn’t accept cash), and out slides your DVD.  There is no real late fee, you are just charged an additional dollar for each day you keep the movie. If you don’t want to risk the possibility a DVD being out of stock, you can reserve a DVD via the redbox website.  Also, once you are ready to return a DVD, you can choose any redbox location to do so.

In Harrisonburg there are redboxes at Martin’s off of East Market Street and the Wal Marts off of Burgess Road and South High Street.

So when Wall-E, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and Tropic Thunder come out on November 18th, I’d suggest making a trip to your local redbox.



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13 responses to “$1 Movie Rentals

  1. matt grundy

    Yeah they’re pretty sweet. They take a 26 dollar deposit or something though so watch out for that.

  2. Shannon

    I love redbox! It is so easy and cheap, I will never go to blockbuster again. A $1 movie compared to a $4 movie is no contest. Plus the electronic system makes it really easy to find and pick out a movie fast. Thank goodness my second favorite roommate told me about it.

    ps-do not tell people what movies are coming out the 18th because when we go to the redbox they will all be missing and I really want to rent Wall-E

  3. Monica

    I was part of blockbuster.com for like 2 years and I ended it like a week ago because redbox sounds way better! its so much cheaper! i was paying 20 dollars a month… HOLLA AT THE REDBOX!!!!!

    tina i love your writing voice… thats creepy but i do…

  4. Monica

    Wait, Grundy, is that true?

  5. Monica

    And just so everyone knows – I’m the #1 fav roommate Shannon is talking about.

  6. tina

    Grundy’s speculation is false by the way.

  7. Meriden

    First, Mon is not a roommate because you do not have a bedroom in this apartment, you only lay claim to the couch on occasional Friday nights.

    Second, the Redbox makes conventional movie renting look like a stone age wheel. I’m glad we have something like this because it provides a cheaper alternative than going to the movies, renting a movie, and is even cheaper than seeing a movie on campus! Anyone can afford some movie entertainment now, you can even finance it with the loose change at the bottom of your purse/couch/car floor. Good job Tina for helping us poor people find something to do with our time.

  8. matt grundy

    Oh, my bad.

    “At the time of rental, Redbox will seek an authorization from your credit card or debit card company equal to the Rental Charge for the first Rental Period plus the sum of up to $ 10.00 for each DVD that you rent. This is to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover any additional Rental Charges and fees for which you are responsible. If this authorization is received, the actual charge to your account at the time of rental will be only for Rental Charge for the first Rental Period. Redbox is authorized to charge your credit card or debit card for any additional Rental Charges and fees that you may incur. ” <- redbox website

    A couple of my friends got weird charges that we thought were deposits but I guess that’s it.
    Also if your dvd is more than 25 days late you get to keep the DVD, so if you lose it or forget about it it won’t cost you more than 25 dollars.

  9. Colby

    i don’t know.. i somehow feel that there is something creepy about it. I think they might steal my soul or something to get a cheap video because it sounds really good. that’s still really cool though that you tried that…i’ve always wondered if the movies they gave you wer knock-offs or something.

  10. JNovak

    My cousin who also attends JMU just told me about this a few days ago. I think it’s an awesome way to save money instead of purchasing or renting a movie for the normal price of atleast 5 dollars. Great post!

  11. Shannon

    Monica might feel like shes a roommate now because the last time she was here Meriden was occupying the couch and she was in a bedroom. Why was Meriden on the couch? She was enjoying a $1 movie from redbox of course. At 2 am. I think it was The Graduate…

  12. Jarryd Mushatt

    I’m personally a HUGE fan of the “Redbox”! I can account many nights where my roommates and I would for some reason not be in the mood to go out and we’d drive to our local Kroger and stock up on some movies! Not just because a couple of us have late fee’s pending at the local Blockbuster, but you definitely can’t beat a $1 rental. Most of the time we only watch the movie once so there’s no need in paying more! All in all, a great idea!! I love RedBox!

  13. Amy S

    This is so great to know. I had no idea it existed. I was about to order Netflix or something because I spend massive amounts of money each month at Blockbuster. Clearly I am in the wrong place. Thanks!

    Can’t wait to see “Tropical Thunder.” I have heard great things.

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